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RESPONSE LEGEND: A-1 = Truck #1; A-2 = Truck #2; EMSXXX = Assisting EMS Agency

APRIL – Total Calls: 99; Out of Town Assists: 29; Mutual Aid Assists: 05; Special Assignments: 05

Date Of IncidentTimeLocationResponseReturn Time
Tues 04/2313:11Ford StreetMedical (A-1)14:40
Tues 04/2308:48Renfer StreetMedical (A-1)09:59
Mon 04/2216:17Cemetery Street (Hughestown)Medical (A-1)17:17
13:55Oak St / Geisinger Health PlexMedical (A-1)15:00
08:52Grandview DriveTrauma (A-1)10:02
08:13Stanton StreetFire Assist/Alarm (A-1)08:30
Mon 04/2203:27Main Street (Dupont)Medical (A-1)04:40
Sun 04/2122:34Enterprise Way / Amazon DistributionMedical (A-1)23:49
20:11Main Street (Dupont)Medical (A-1)21:22
16:35Main Street (Jenkins Twp)Motor Vehicle Crash (A-1)17:57
07:51Plane Street (Avoca)Medical Alarm/Unfounded (A-1)08:20
Sun 04/2102:59East Oak StreetPolice Assist/Medical (A-1)04:06
Sat 04/2019:43Rt 315 Motor Vehicle Crash (A-1)20:39
13:19Oak St / Geisinger Health PlexMedical (A-1)14:27
Sat 04/2012:20Walnut ST/ Apts (Dupont)Medical (A-1)13:28
Fri 04/1907:49Armstrong Rd/UPS DistributionMedical (A-1)08:55
Thurs 04/1819:29Oldfield Blvd/TJ Maxx Distribution Medical (A-1)20:47
18:05Langan RoadMedical (A-1)19:20
13:41Oak Street / Geisinger Health PlexMedical (A-1)15:03
12:19Rt 315 / Pilot Travel CenterMedical (A-1)13:31
Thurs 04/1801:45Law StreetMedical (A-1)03:00
23:59Rt 315 / Holiday Inn ExpressTrauma (A-1)01:11
17:50East Railroad StreetMedical (A-1)19:10
16:57N Twp Blvd/Blvd AptsMedical (A-1)17:48
09:23Walnut Street (Dupont)Medical (A-1)10:37
08:03Enterprise Way / Amazon DistributionPolice Assist/Trauma (A-1)09:23
Wed 04/1708:00Wilkes=Barre/Scranton Intl AirportPR Event / Special Assignment (A-2)13:00
Tues 04/1618:50Oak Street / Geisinger Health PlexMedical (A-1)20:06
13:08Rt 315 / Knights InnMedical/Police Assist (A-1)14:10
12:15Rt 315 / Knights InnMedical/Police Assist/Refusal (A-1)12:36
11:00Rt 315 / Knights InnMedical/Police Assist/Refusal (A-1)11:22
10:30Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Intl AirportPR Event / Special Assignment (A-2)14:00
09:51McLean Street (Dupont)Medical (A-1)10:58
Tues 04/1608:47Oak Street / Geisinger Health PlexMedical (A-1)09:51
Mon 04/1514:10Parnell StreetMedical (A-1)14:33
10:24Birney Ave/Fresh & Lean (Moosic)Fire Assist/Chemical Leak (A-1)12:30
Mon 04/1503:29Smith Street (Dupont)Medical (A-1)04:41
Sun 04/1419:18West Drive (Jenkins Twp)Trauma (A-1)20:32
19:08Roberts Rd/Wesley Village (Jenkins Twp)Medical/Canceled (A-1)19:10
17:35Wyoming Ave (Wyoming)Medical (A-1)18:55
14:44Frothingham StreetTrauma (A-1) 16:29
11:00Bryden St / EMS HQPR Event / Sea Cadets (A-1 & A-2)15:00
Sun 04/1402:22Pine StreetPublic Assist/Lift (A-1)03:03
Sat 04/1314:17N Twp Blvd/Aldi StoreFire Assist/Alarm (A-1)14:32
13:33Sunset DriveMedical Alarm/Refusal (A-1)14:12
12:05Oak Street / Geisinger Health PlexMedical (A-1)13:21
Sat 04/1300:38Suscon RoadMedical (A-1)01:50
Fri 04/1219:10Roberts Rd/Wesley Village (Jenkins Twp)Medical (A-1)19:41
15:40Oak Street / Geisinger Health PlexMedical (A-1)16:57
12:40N Twp Blvd / Holiday Hair SalonMedical (EMS 543)13:47
12:13Grant Street (Dupont)Medical (A-1)13:41
Fri 04/1206:43Langan RoadMedical (A-1)07:59
Thurs 04/1121:17Harding Street (Dupont)Medical (A-1)21:09
12:491st Street (Avoca)Medical (A-1)14:04
Thurs 04/1108:23Freeport Road/FedEx DistributionMotor Vehicle Crash (A-1)09:40
Wed 04/1010:50East Railroad StreetMedical (A-1)12:00
Wed 04/1006:05Rt 315 (Dupont)Motor Vehicle Crash (A-1)07:25
Tues 04/0922:27I-81 N / Mile 175.7Medical/Unfounded (A-1)22:44
20:16Parnell StreetMedical (A-1)21:37
18:33Oak St @ Morris StMotor Vehicle Crash (A-1)18:55
17:56Sather DriveMotor Vehicle Crash (A-1)18:21
15:28Oak St / Geisinger Health PlexMotor Vehicle Crash (A-1)15:44
09:24Concorde Drive (Dupont)Police Assist/Medical (A-2)10:06
05:34Main Street/PNC Bank (Dupont)Medical/Unfounded (A-2)05:44
01:57Lewis StreetFire Assist/Structure (EMS 543)03:30
Tues 04/0901:44Pine StreetMedical (A-2)02:59
Mon 04/0816:12Pittston Ave (Dupont)Public Assist/Lift (A-2)16:35
13:40Linden Street (Avoca)Medical (A-2)14:55
Mon 04/0808:17Hillside Ave (Dupont)Medical (A-2)09:33
Sun 04/0710:19Research Drive/Mericle WarehouseFire Assist/Alarm/Canceled (A-2)10:21
01:57Suscon RoadMedical (EMS 512)03:06
Sun 04/0701:14Glendale RoadMedical (A-2)02:12
Sat 04/0608:12Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Intl Airport (A-2)Medical (A-2)09:42
05:00Ridge RoadPublic Assist/Lift (A-2)05:40
Sat 04/0601:25East Railroad StreetMedical (A-2)02:35
Fri 04/0523:46Rt 315 / Joes Quik MartFire Assist/Gas Leak (A-2)00:22
14:22Oldfield Blvd/TJ Maxx DistributionTrauma (A-2)15:45
11:18Rt 315 / Taco BellMedical (A-2)12:33
07:15Pittston Area High SchoolPR EVENT / Career Day (A-1 & A-2)14:00
Fri 04/0504:27Ridge RoadPublic Assist/Lift (A-2)05:00
Thurs 04/0415:47Kennedy Blvd/Apts (Pittston)Trauma (A-2)17:02
12:04Oak Street / Geisinger Health PlexMedical (A-2)13:19
10:40Walnut Street/Apts (Dupont)Trauma (A-2)11:55
07:32Ridge RoadPublic Assist/Lift (A-2)08:00
Thurs 04/0405:58Rt 315/Pittston Crossing CenterMedical (A-2)06:55
Wed 04/0321:43Roberts Rd/Wesley Village (Jenkins Twp)Medical (A-2)22:59
18:57McLean @ Ziegler St (Dupont)Motor Vehicle Crash (A-2)19:30
18:30Oldfield Blvd/TJMaxx Distribution CenterPR Event/ Medical Device Training (A-1)19:15
15:51Laurel Street/Pittston DinerTrauma (A-2)17:10
Wed 04/0309:37Oak St/Geisinger Health PlexMedical (A-2)10;44
Tues 04/0209:51Winter StreetTrauma/Eval/Refusal (A-2)10:24
Mon 04/0118:34Grandview DriveTrauma (EMS 543)19:54
17:59Oak Street/Choice CanningTrauma (A-2)19:04
15:35I-81 N/Mile 175Motor Vehicle Crash/Unfounded (Med 29)15:51
15:321st Street (Avoca)Medical (A-2)16;49
14:12East Railroad StreetMedical (A-2)15:19
12:45Ash Street (Dupont)Medical (A-2)14:12
12:04Sather Drive / WarehouseTrauma/Eval/Refusal (A-2)12:45
07:41Oak St @ Rt 315Motor Vehicle Crash (A-2)08:58
Mon 04/0103:23Poole StreetPolice Assist/Medical (EMS 543)04:30


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