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RESPONSE LEGEND: A-1 = Truck #1; A-2 = Truck #2; EMSXXX = Assisting EMS Agency

JULY – Total Calls: 76; Out of Town Assists: 30; Mutual Aid Assists: 03; Special Assignments: 00

Date Of IncidentTimeLocationResponseReturn Time
Mon 07/2215:28Howard Street (Avoca)Medical (A-2)in progress / pending
Mon 07/2210:32Parsonage Street (Hughestown)Medical / Canceled (A-2)10:33
Sun 07/2107:20Suscon RoadMedical (A-1)08:39
Sat 07/2016:00Schooley Ave/Highland Manor (Exeter)Medical (A-1)17:15
10:23Dougherty RoadPublic Assist/Lift (EMS 543)10:55
09:53Norman StreetMedical (A-1)11:06
Sat 07/2007:59Rt 315 / Knights InnMedical (A-1)09:06
Fri 07/1918:43Oak Street / Geisinger Health PlexMedical (A-1)19:40
15:47Laurelwood Drive (Laflin)Fire Assist/CO Alarm (A-1)16:15
11:28Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Intl AirportMedical (EMS 543)12:57
Fri 07/1911:23Lackawanna Ave (Dupont)Medical (A-1)12:35
Thurs 07/1823:34Yates StreetMedical (A-1)00:31
17:15Roberts Road/Wesley Village (Jenkins Twp)Medical/Canceled (A-1)17:16
15:59N Twp Blvd/Blvd AptsTrauma (A-1)17:06
13:52N Twp Blvd/Blvd AptsMedical (A-1)15:00
Thurs 07/1813:41Valley View TerraceMedical Alarm/Unfounded (A-1)13:50
Wed 07/1720:56Research Drive/Joriki BeveragesTrauma (A-1)22:00
20:42Sanovia Street (Exeter)Fire Assist/Gas Leak (A-1)20:56
16:10Enterprise Way/Amazon DistributionMedical (A-2)17:15
15:49Main Street/Duryea Police HQ (Duryea)Medical (A-1)16:25
14:30Ziegler Street (Dupont)Medical (A-1)15:33
Wed 07/1713:52N Twp Blvd / Interstate BuildingFire Assist/Alarm (A-1)14:10
Tues 07/1621:58Enterprise Way/Home Depot DistributionFire Assist/Alarm (EMS 543)22:22
21:48Sathers Drive/NE Secure TreatmentFire Assist/Alarm (A-1)22:10
16:36Smith Street (Dupont)Medical (A-1)17:45
15:18Oak StreetMedical (A-1)16:22
13:51Oak Street/Casey DentalFire Assist/Alarm (A-1)14:06
12:50Cambridge DriveFire Assist/Alarm (A-1)13:10
12:22Memorial Street/Wyoming Area School (Exeter)Fire Assist/Alarm (A-1)12:48
Tues 07/1601:16Cherry Street (Avoca)Public Assist/Lift (A-1)01:30
Mon 07/1514:34Parsonage Street (Hughestown)Medical (A-1)15:49
Mon 07/1512:01N Twp Blvd/Pittston Plaza Parking LotMotor Vehicle Crash (A-1)12:40
Sun 07/1415:58Main Street (Avoca)Motor Vehicle Crash (A-2)17:09
10:27Glendale RoadPolice Assist/Medical/Canceled (A-2)11:00
09:06Fairway Drive (Exeter)Medical (A-2)10:22
Sun 07/1400:29Sather Drive/Lion BreweryFire Assist/Alarm (A-2)00:45
Sat 07/1315:36I - 81 S / Mile 178.3 (Avoca)Motor Vehicle Crash (A-2)16:50
12:47Rt 315 / WalMartMedical (A-2)13:00
Sat 07/1310:35Grove St @ School St (Avoca)Motor Vehicle Crash (A-2)11:49
Fri 07/1220:59McAlpine Street (Avoca)Medical (A-2)22:09
19:00Enterprise Way / Amazon DistributionMedical (A-2)20:01
16:10Oak Street / Geisinger Health PlexTrauma (A-2)17:19
11:08Lackawanna Ave (Dupont)Medical (A-2)12:22
Fri 07/1207:19Ivy Lane (Dupont)Medical (A-2)08:22
Thurs 07/1117:05Frothingham StreetTrauma (A-1)18:15
14:49Glendale RoadMedical (A-1)16:06
08:28Rt 315 / Knights InnMedical (A-1)09:49
Thurs 07/1105:04Winter StreetTrauma (A-1)06:15
20:04Bryden StreetTrauma (A-1)21:00
17:47Rt 315 / Pilot Travel CenterFire Assist/ Mulch (A-1)18:06
Wed 07/1011:38Oak Street / Geisinger Health PlexMedical (A-2)12:49
Tues 07/0923:52McLean Street (Dupont)Medical (A-2)01:06
21:39Breezewood Drive (Jenkins Twp)Medical/Canceled (A-2)21:40
15:29Rt 502 @ Aston Mt RoadMedical (A-1)16:49
10:48Roberts Road/Wesley Village (Jenkins Twp)Medical (A-1)11:58
Tues 07/0903:33Pine StreetMedical (A-2)04:44
Mon 07/0819:38Glendale RoadTrauma (A-2)20:45
16:33Oak Street / Geisinger Health PlexMedical (A-2)17:45
13:40Winter StreetMedical (A-2)14:49
10:57Suscon Road/Fire Pit RestaurantMedical (A-2)12:06
Mon 07/0810:006th St @ Wyoming Ave (Wyoming)Motor Vehicle Crash (A-2)10:35
Sun 07/0719:00Rt 315/Pilot Travel CenterFire Assist/Vehicle (A-1)19:35
Sat 07/0612:56Walnut Street (Dupont)Medical (A-1)14:04
Fri 07/0515:32East Oak StreetMedical (A-1)16:55
Thurs 07/0420:36Wyoming Ave (Dupont)Trauma (A-1)21:36
17:38Liberty Street (Dupont)Medical (A-1)18:49
15:50East Oak StreetMedical (A-1)17:10
07:40Dougherty RoadPublic Assist/Lift (A-1)08:40
Thurs 07/0400:13Market StreetFire Assist/StandBy/Brush (A-1)01:45
Wed 07/0319:55Main Street (Dupont)Police Assist/Medical (A-1)21:06
17:02Hill Street (Dupont)Medical (A-1)18:09
15:34I-81 N / Mile 176.6 (Dupont)Motor Vehicle Crash (A-1)16:15
08:00Wall StreetMedical (A-1)09:03
Wed 07/0303:11Chestnut St/Police HQ (Dupont)Police Assist/Medical (A-1)03:45
Tues 07/0211:16East Railroad StreetMedical (A-1)12:22
Tues 07/0203:01Research Drive / Joriki BeveragesTrauma (A-1)04:11
Mon 07/0116:12Rock StreetMedical (A-1)17:29
Mon 07/0107:24Pittston Ave (Dupont)Medical (A-1)08:30


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