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Monthly Call Report

You can download our past monthly call report ( PDF )

RESPONSE LEGEND: A-1 = Truck #1 A-2 = Truck #2 EMSXXX = Assisting EMS Agency

SEPTEMBER – Total Calls 46; Out of Town Assists: 12; Mutual Aid Assists: 03;Special Assignments: 00

Date:Time Out:Location:Response:Time In:
Wed 09/1819:41Rt 315/WalMart`Medical (EMS 512)20:33
18:47Parnell StreetMedical (A-2)19:59
Wed 09/1812:23I-81 S/Mile 175.7Motor Vehicle Crash (A-1)13:30
Tues 09/17No 911 Emergencies this Date
Mon 09/1614:22Powder Mill RoadMedical (EMS 512)15:15
14:07N Main Street (Jenkins Twp)Medical (A-1)15:22
Mon 09/1603:53Sterling StreetMedical (A-1)04:44
Sun 09/15No 911 Emergencies this Date
Sat 09/1420:57Spruce StreetMedical (A-2)21:55
17:11Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Intl AirportTrauma (A-2)18:04
Sat 09/1408:10Laurel Street/Pittston DinerMedical (A-2)09:04
Fri 09/1323:26Spruce StreetMedical (A-2)00:38
19:19Powder Mill RoadMedical (EMS 512)20:11
19:13Decker LaneTrauma (A-2)20:33
11:16Oak Street/Coca~Cola Distribution CenterMedical (A-2)12:09
10:40Rt 315/WalMartMedical (A-2)11:02
Fri 09/1302:19Ford StreetPublic Assist (A-2)02:42
Thurs 09/1215:07Oak StreetMedical (A-2)16:16
11:48Main Street (Dupont)Medical/Unfounded (A-2)11:53
09:40Pine StreetFire Assist/Alarm (A-2)09:57
Thurs 09/1208:07Winter StreetMedical (A-2)09:10
Wed 09/1114:23Rt 315/WalMartMotor Vehicle Crash (A-2)14:41
07:31Center Street (Dupont)Medical (A-2)08:44
Wed 09/1104:42Pine StreetPublic Assist (A-2)05:14
Tue 09/1016:37Rt 315 front of Perkins RestaurantMotor Vehicle Crash (A-1)17:04
Mon 09/0921:46E Railroad StreetMedical (A-1)22:55
18:43Langan RoadTrauma (A-1)19:39
Mon 09/0917:11William St at By Pass IntersectionMotor Vehicle Crash (A-1)17:36
Sun 09/0820:10Lampman Street (Avoca)Public Assist (A-1)20:31
15:39Sather Drive/TJMaxx WarehouseMedical (A-1)16:24
Sun 09/0813:07Tedrick StreetMedical (A-1)14::14
Sat 09/0721:03Penn Ave (Dupont)Medical (A-1)22:00
18:59Wyoming Ave/Valenti Restaurant (Exeter)Medical (A-1)20:02
17:43Main Street (Avoca)Medical (A-1)18:41
Sat 09/0713:54Exeter Ave/Fox Hill CC (Exeter)Medical/Unfounded (A-1)14:22
Fri 09/0617:35Rt 315/WalMartMedical (A-1)18:22
Fri 09/0614:19Schooley Ave/Highland Manor (Exeter)Medical (A-1)15:38
Thur 09/0519:45
Grandview DriveMedical (A-1)20:54
Thur 09/0514:36Gill Street (Dupont)Medical Alarm/Unfounded (A-2)15:00
Wed 09/0419:14Rt 315/Pilot Travel CenterMotor Vehicle Crash (A-1)19:37
14:18Sather Drive/PA Child CareMedical (A-1)15:08
Wed 09/0403:46Market Street Medical (A-1)04:37
Tue 09/0323:25Gill Street (Dupont)Medical (A-1)00:49
Mon 09/0217:20Myers Manor (Jenkins Twp)Medical (A-1)18:18
Mon 09/0203:26Oak StreetMedical (A-1)04:41
Sun 09/0120:36Norman StreetMedical (A-1)21:31
12:00S Twp Blvd/Galli Auto LotMedical/Unfounded (A-1)12:11
Sun 09/0107:57Ford StreetPublic Assist (A-1)08:21