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Professional Staff List


Mr. Edward Warunek Sr

Mr. Edward Warunek Sr

EMS Captain

Mr. Ed Warunek Jr

Mr. Ed Warunek Jr

Assistant Captain

Mr. Ralph Dixon

Mr. Ralph Dixon

2nd Lieutenant


Jeffrey Alaimo * – EMT; EVO; ITLS; Serving since 09/1990
​Brandon Colletti – EMT; EVO; Serving since 01/2017                      Cristina DiPalma – NREMT; EVO; Serving since 03/2016
Dr. Robert Gershey * – EMT; EVO; Serving since 03/1987
Katie Hawk – EMT; EVO; Serving since 11/2004
Alison Hudzinski – EMT; Serving since 11/2010
Don Hudzinski, Sr. * – EMT; EVO; ITLS; Serving since 03/1985. Ambulance Association President.
Don Hudzinski, Jr. – Former EMT; current EVO; Serving since 09/1999
Greg Kaspriski – EMR; EVO; EMT Student; Serving since 07/2013
Tim Koch – EMT;EVO: Serving Since 06/2016
Katie Martin – EMT; EVO; Serving since 01/2002
Heather Pesotini – EMT/EVO Serving Since

Ron Pesotini – EMT/EVO Serving Since

Will Rinaldi * –  NREMT; EVO; Serving since 08/1989.
Robert Scatena * – Former EMT-P; Serving since 06/1977.
Russ Searfoss III –  EMT; EVO; Serving since 07/2005.
Mark Simko Jr.* – EMT; EVO; Serving since 04/1997.
Don Sklanka – EMT: EVO: Serving since 08/2012
Eric Sklanka – NRMT;EVO; Serving Since 08/2017
Julia Shandra – EMT; EVO; Serving since 07/2014.
Tina Stoshik – EMT; EVO; ITLS; Serving since 08/1999. Ambulance Association Corporate Treasurer
Tim Velehoski – EVO; EMR; Serving since 03/2012
Ed Warunek Jr – NRMT; EVO; Serving since 01/2015 PTAAEMS Training Services Coordinator
Chris Wilshushen – NREMT; Serving Since 03/2018                                                                                                                              Felicia Yanulavich – EMT Student; Serving Since (n/a).
Derek Zalenski – EMT;EVO: Serving Since 04/2016
Stanley Zurek * – Former EMT; Serving since 06/1977


CAPTAIN = Chief Operations Officer of the EMS Staff.
ASSISTANT CAPTAIN = Assistant Chief Operations Officer of the EMS Staff.
FIRST LIEUTENANT = Operations Officer / EMS Equipment and Supplies.
SECOND LIEUTENANT = Operations Officer / EMS Fleet Vehicle Maintenance.
SERGEANT AT ARMS = In charge of Station EMS facility and property.
HIPAA COORDINATOR = Patient Privacy Records.

*Denotes LIFE MEMBER = 15 or more years of active participation in Emergency Medical Service.


EMT = Emergency Medical Technician, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with Professional Rescuer CPR and AED Certification, CPAP, Pulse Ox, Oxygen, Naloxalone & EPI Therapy Administration
​NREMT – National Registry Emergency Medical Technician
ITLS = International Trauma Life Support
EVO/EVDX = Emergency Vehicle Operator
FR/EMR = First Responder