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Professional Staff List


Mr. Edward Warunek Sr

Mr. Edward Warunek Sr

EMS Captain

Assistant Captain

Mr. Ralph Dixon

Mr. Ralph Dixon

2nd Lieutenant


Jeffrey Alaimo * – EMT; EVO; ITLS; Serving since 09/1990
​Brandon Colletti – EMT; EVO; Serving since 01/2017

Cristina DiPalma – NREMT; EVO; Serving since 03/2016
Dr. Robert Gershey * – EMT; EVO; Serving since 03/1987
Katie Hawk – EMT; EVO; Serving since 11/2004
Alison Hudzinski – EMT; Serving since 11/2010
Don Hudzinski, Sr. * – EMT; EVO; ITLS; Serving since 03/1985. Ambulance Association President.
Don Hudzinski, Jr. – Former EMT; current EVO; Serving since 09/1999
Greg Kaspriski – EMR; EVO; EMT Student; Serving since 07/2013
Tim Koch – EMT;EVO: Serving Since 06/2016
Katie Martin – EMT; EVO; Serving since 01/2002
Dave McLean – EMT,EVO; Serving since 11/2017

Riley Oremus – NREMT/EVO Serving Since 05/2019

Heather Pesotini – EMT/EVO Serving Since

Ron Pesotini – EMT/EVO Serving Since

Will Rinaldi * –  NREMT; EVO; Serving since 08/1989.
Robert Scatena * – Former EMT-P; Serving since 06/1977.
Russ Searfoss III –  EMT; EVO; Serving since 07/2005.
Mark Simko Jr.* – EMT; EVO; Serving since 04/1997.
Don Sklanka – EMT: EVO: Serving since 08/2012
Eric Sklanka – NRMT;EVO; Serving Since 08/2017
Julia Shandra – EMT; EVO; Serving since 07/2014.
Tina Stoshik – EMT; EVO; ITLS; Serving since 08/1999. Ambulance Association Corporate Treasurer
Tim Velehoski – EVO; EMR; Serving since 03/2012
Ed Warunek Jr – NRMT; EVO; Serving since 01/2015 PTAAEMS Training Services Coordinator
Chris Wilshushen – NREMT; Serving Since 03/2018                                                                                                                              Felicia Yanulavich – EMT Student; Serving Since (n/a).
Derek Zalenski – EMT;EVO: Serving Since 04/2016
Stanley Zurek * – Former EMT; Serving since 06/1977


CAPTAIN = Chief Operations Officer of the EMS Staff.
ASSISTANT CAPTAIN = Assistant Chief Operations Officer of the EMS Staff.
FIRST LIEUTENANT = Operations Officer / EMS Equipment and Supplies.
SECOND LIEUTENANT = Operations Officer / EMS Fleet Vehicle Maintenance.
SERGEANT AT ARMS = In charge of Station EMS facility and property.
HIPAA COORDINATOR = Patient Privacy Records.

*Denotes LIFE MEMBER = 15 or more years of active participation in Emergency Medical Service.


EMT = Emergency Medical Technician, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with Professional Rescuer CPR and AED Certification, CPAP, Pulse Ox, Oxygen, Naloxalone & EPI Therapy Administration
​NREMT – National Registry Emergency Medical Technician
ITLS = International Trauma Life Support
EVO/EVDX = Emergency Vehicle Operator
FR/EMR = First Responder